Days 106-110 of 365

It is finally getting warmer here in OH and thank goodness for that. We are so sick of being indoors.

I feel like my babies are growing at an astronomical rate. H will be 5 next month and F will be 2 in June. Where does the time go? It is funny just how different their personalities are. They are so funny to watch and make us laugh constantly. H is a calm, cool, thoughtful child. He is my easier child. Sister is into everything, likes it her way, is sweet, LOUD, and just the most fun to be around. They love each other so much and complete our family perfectly. But these children wear. me. out. Ha! They have so much energy! I wish I could have half of theirs.

Here are some moments from this week. Sis is inspecting a rock in the top left photo. One of her favorite things to do at the moment is to throw sticks into that creek underneath the bridge; It’s adorable. H does not love doing his tag reader but sometimes mommy makes him and sis just acts like she is doing the same. The one of daddy and sis melts my heart. Bottom left is my bff hosting a jewelry party for me – love her. Bottom right – my sweet bud just taking in the nice weather. He is quite the thinker; I love that about him.

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